you made me realize I'm ready for love then you took it all away I'm not really sure where to go from here for too long I've led myself astray It's all so confusing, a one big mess I don't understand how'd I end up in this place "Look at what you've done to me!" … Continue reading Clarity



I'll figure it out. Five-figure. Or six-figure. Or maybe seven. Dream big, they say. Yeah, but don't just dream. Make it happen. Dreams are meant to be fulfilled, I don't want a dull life lived. Go ahead, don't ever stop My soul will tell me when's enough. Sometimes when I'm struck by fear, Uncertainity, rejection … Continue reading Reasons


Don't give up hope. Never lose sight of it Like a lighthouse shining in the distance The light of your life In the darkness When you float around confused and desperate life will throw you these small flickers of light for you to cling on And cling on them you must to pull yourself out … Continue reading Hope