Ķerstījām vēju mēs vakarā tajā No vienas puses un otras Vakars bija silts un tu mani uznesi kalnā Es gulēju gultā un skatījos griestos Un tu biji man blakus Gan jau mums kādreiz to debesis piedos Tā bija spēle vienos vārtos Mēs sūtījām viens otram papīra lidmašīnas Tu man aizmeti vienu, es tev pasviedu otru... Continue Reading →


The day of Love

Valentine's day every year has always been somewhat of a checkpoint for me. Things are usually fine for the rest of the time, but around the beginning of each year for some reason I'm going through some sort of emotional drama. Every year, as the fateful date approaches, I've felt almost forced to be lonely... Continue Reading →


I allowed myself To fall In that head-spinning, maddening, fulfilling, Deep Insane Love And I allowed myself To believe That you were actually there to hold my hand Kiss me senseless on quiet nights Stand next to me in face of my plights And I hoped You were It For me Just as I wanted... Continue Reading →


I said I'd go to the edge of the world But there is no edge. The world is round. What seems like an end is really a start And only in my head I'm bound. One movement of hand and the wheel spins one idea - that's all it takes One second. And the impossible... Continue Reading →


Congratulations! You win. I lose. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and said: "I shall play no more games!" And then I jumped straight into the biggest one of them all I am drifting somewhere in space and time In the oneness of it all My heart keeps pumping blood, in and out,... Continue Reading →


It is 12 PM here in England, last day of the year. I just realised that in another part of the world, one that's quite close to my heart, New Year has already come. 2017 was a crazy year for me, full of incredible joys and incredible sorrows, and I can safely say it has... Continue Reading →


Šo dzejoli es sacerēju savai māsai vārda dienā, kad tikko biju pārvākusies uz Nīderlandi.. Un mana mamma lūdza, lai es kaut ko uzrakstu latviski, lai viņa arī saprot😆 Tad te nu būs. *** Mēs esam tur, kur zāle ir zaļāka. Kaut kur taču viņai ir jābūt zaļākai, vai ne? Mēs esam tur, kur ir pasaules... Continue Reading →

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